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We Provide end to end solutions to Wedding solutions in Bangalore, Famous for Destination and Resort wedding solutions in Banglore. Instead of taking the tension of making arrangements yourself, Let the Expert do the job and save upto 30% on your marriage expenses. We do "One day One Event" is our Motto. Check Gallery section for previous wedding projects.

Best Wedding planners in Bangalore

It's time to relax. Because you don't have to do yourself. From the personalized welcome kit placed in your guests room before they arrive. To the stunning ceremony. Our goals are straight into creating an unforgettable experience for you.

Over 12-years of designing and planning full-scale weddings and events, we know that planning an unforgettable experience can be stressful. That's why, our first step to making you feel at ease and in turn, trusting us to design and plan a wedding that's a reflection.

Vayuputhra wedding planners in Bangalore, we want to be show maker for you on this journey. And we want to truly understand your vision so that we can bring it to action.

Let's embark on a beautiful journey. Together for a Seamless Experience
It’s hard to visualise how many moving parts there are to planning a wedding, if you’ve never planned one yourself.

Part of our job as both designer and wedding planner is to help the outcome with wedding planning. (And to give you back the 450+ hours it usually takes to plan a wedding!)

Destination Wedding Planners in Bangalore

Vayuputhra is the pioneer for Destination Weddings‚ in Bangalore; With an experience of more than 10 years organizing lavish Weddings, we proudly present our services for your upcoming Wedding event.
We make destination weddings at your selected venues, providing you a truly pleasant experience. Be it your dream of having a Royal Wedding in a Bangalore Palace, an adventure filled marriage in the lap of resorts around Bangalore, a purely romantic top star at a star horel in an exotic locale, or even a new idea, Vayuputhra Wedding planner organizes it all! You could share your dreams with us and we will help you live them!

Contrary to most people's expectations, a destination wedding is a great way of making a statement and living your dream ! And working with a destination wedding planner can be a great value for your money, giving you the best in terms of quality and experience. We not only organize your wedding in exotic locales making it a talking point for everyone, we also do it in your budget as we have the negotiating power to get you the best price and value for your money and a matchless experience. Come and realize your Dream of Destination wedding with us

Breakup Quotation

Our quote will be fine breakup of all inclusions and Exclusions list to keep the transpiracy in bill.

Wedding plan costing

Legal agreement terms and conditions detailed breakup quote in it for wedding planning in Bangalore

Professional service

We have made over 15+ events annually, Count on our professionallism for minute works of marriage planning..

Resort wedding planner speacialist

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Wedding planner Services:

  • Catering.
  • Venue selection & Decor.
  • Entertainment.
  • Photography & Videography.
  • Guest Management.
  • Luxury Car Hire

Celebration Begins

How to get best wedding planner in Bangalore?

Did you know, Wedding planner hiring fee in Bangalore is only upto 2lakh for an event who can save you tonnes of time and tensions. Yes Venue Selection for wedding planner is just sip of job as our hand on expereince. We are collaborated with Best wedding Decoration team for your joyfull day. Mouth watering North and South Indian Catering options are many.

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Priest or purohith Service also at affordable cost. How about Bhaja Bhajantri fun and the Horse ride for the groom with Jasmine flower. Best Photography and Videography trained programs to make the weddings and record them permanently. Sound and Lights should be a best buddies for a wedding planner. Guest Management system is either software integrated or manually created, sure to have it happy.

If not the Rolls Royce atleast a BMW or Benz or any Wedding car can be hired at affordable cost. Your Sangeeth or Dance Orchestra should defenitely make your day remarkable. We are Team of 50 members for task your memorable day. Single day single event is our motto so we make it 100% of our talent showcase.

Beauty parlor and Spa mobility service either to enrich the couples or entire ser people we make it happen, Marriage fitness & Nutrition guidance so that you look best for your wedding day. Professional Makeup & Mahendi Artist on board for wedding planner day. Jasmine, Lavender or Tulip select fragrance then our Florist makes it happen. Lights and Audio selection is always at your choice.

Optional Black cat security to check for invitations and making it secure for the VIP entry Vayuputhra Wedding planner made it many times. Whatever is your Budget Wedding planner can be acted in Bangalore as our network is beyond your imagination. Greetings & Helping staff man power management hiring options for wedding based on your budget. We have all people plan backup to work in case of failure, By the way Hire a generator for Power Backup.

Resort Wedding Planner in Bangalore

We create memories to showcase your future generations, All you need is trust and Vayuputhra Wedding Planner. We are expertise in handling resort weddings in Bangalore.
Being a reputed wedding planner company we executive splendid and stylish resort weddings across Karnataka adding modified and fixed packages for the new bride and groom.

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Complete guaranteed engagement and wedding packages. While we take care of each and every aspect of your wedding, meanwhile you can take reassurance from our meticulous attention to detail, excellent industry relationships, and our extensive experience.
Our professional wedding planners in Bangalore are more than happy to travel across places in order to ensure that we can play a part in making your day perfect, so regardless of the location in which you are being married, Our Team expertise will be there.

Why should you Hire Vayuputhra Wedding Planner in Bangalore?

Did you know that 80 percent of happy wedding couples are annoyed by each other on their big day? The common reason: stress in planning. Who is invited, how are the decorations, where are the parties, what is eaten, and how much is it all supposed to cost? A healthy love can also weaken there. It doesn’t have to be! We’ve got you covered and geared up for this very act of devotion to one another.and help intricate.

Do you want the all-round carefree package, with budgeting, schedule, invitation design, printing, as well as venue hunting, decoration, and process monitoring? Or would you like to get yourself a little more involved? We will put together the right package for you.

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Here is what Emphasises us in Detail:
The experience: Since 2015, we have organized more than 80 weddings across Bangalore .that have been to the best of a planned wedding our couple’s had expected it to be.
Responsiveness and availability: And as it is essential for us, we are the best wedding planners within the agency and Work in collaboration with several independent wedding planners to assist us at the height of the season.
Creativity: Whatever your theme and your universe, we know how to be proactive and materialize all your desires .and good planning will be all that is required.
Independence: Of course, we have a network of exceptional partners to offer you. But we do not tax anyone; our only goal is to find you a gem like a wedding.
Human values: Our wedding planning agency in Bangalore aims to be a friendly place where you will feel good. Kindness & transparency are two pillars that are essential for a relationship of trust and fruitful marriage.

7 Reasons to judge : Why should you Hire Vayuputhra Wedding planner in Bangalore

Wedding planning is mainly time management task. We are tied up with over 50 vendors from various fields like photography, Wedding cars, Guests Logistics, Catering, Decorations, Venue decision, artists, GYM bouncers etc. In our past 5 years Experience we have handled over 20 Events in different locations of Bangalore like Clark Exotica resort, Elim resort Kanakapura, Royal Orchid convention centres, Sheesa mahal Palace Grounds, Shangrila Hotel and many to penn. Below is list of advantage of Hiring Wedding planner services in Bangalore.
1. We take responsibilities of your Action Plans.
Wedding planning tasks will surely consume your time, Off from your full time job and Social works. You got to spend lot of time planning, negotiating with vendors and different workd of the marriage day. we do it really well and proof and examples will be given during meet.
2.We work within your budget and Scheduling.
Once budget is fixed like say 50 lakhs, we make sure to give you the split bill in detail. Nothing cross over set budget with maximum gains in said money. Schedule quick vendor meetings and finalise deal and prepare to-do list in best manner.
3.We have infinite depth Knowledge.

We have events throughout the year, DJ, catering, designer, hair stylist, Entertainment people are just call away for us. We know how much to pay them for their work also bring replacement in case of failure. S o we do best than a begineer as you. Local vendors working proof we already have it.
4.Transparent communication with wedding vendors.
Assuming we are travels office people with many cars attached, Communicating to every driver will make you physc with their complicated billing formats. Travel people will give strict rule to driver and follow up the same. Compare here drivers as Vendors and Travel people as Wedding planner.
5.We Explore you to new Ideas.
Instead of spending time online or offline to search makeup artist or DJ, Small or Big. Wedding planner has just dialed the best one. So choosing WP will help you to get proof of works in minutes.
6.Wedding Planner will offer best situation handling strategies.
Do you know single lemon is sold for Re 1 and Rs 10 in Bangalore throughout the year. Seasonal wedding challenges are many and crosses your budget and many surprise arise during your big day. We have minimum 5 best working vendors in each categary. We have faced all scenarios in seasonal and unseasonal day
7.Wedding day assistance expert.
By the way we are team of over 160 aristist and 25 vendors in wedding categary in Bengaluru, Almost every person will be working on your big day. Back up team and continuos problem fixer or vendor management. Just a word away to our WP.
Conclusion Vayuputhra Wedding planner is Event organisation company in Bangalore with vendor handling capacity and big day. Lets celebrate your day with best wedding planner in Bangalore. After you approch us for wedding planning, We ensure to show our works in video and detailed Estimate and Quotation. Transparent billing, No Surprise Vendor management is our Motto

FAQ : Wedding planner in Bangalore | Vayuputhra Answers

Wedding planner available on your wedding date in Bangalore?

After couple of meetings and the Marriage contract agreement, No followups needed your dates and services are blocked accordingly and work flows in background without any interuption.

Where and What services does the planner offer?

Partial or Full event organisation is our goal, Be it the catering or Wedding orchestra only or the full pack. We are ready. We are specialised in Bangalore as we work with fixed and positive reviewed vendors list. We can strecth our hands to entire karnataka based on booking dates.

To provide full-service planning, what do we need from you?

Destination, Wedding budget and no of people attending the wedding in Bangalore. Guest can choose our fixed designed package or tailored wedding packages suiting. "Our Package gives you more Value"

Estimate and Costing for Wedding packages?

Full package will start from 6 lakhs & goes upto 60 lakhs based on your luxury and affordability. At the end we account every single rupee spent on marriage keeping tranperancy as our goal.

How many weddings you work on at the same time as yours?

We dont do Multiple or parallel weddings. One day one event is our goal. We make sure to give full effort for every event.

Do you have another wedding or event the same weekend?

Dont be surprised if we have our wedding event on next at same venue. We are preferred and top chosen Wedding planners in Bangalore.

How long are you in Wedding Planning business in Bangalore?

Being an event enthusiastic, since 5 years Vayuputhra wedding planner has marked its name among top national and International companies in Bengaluru

Are you a business license holder for Wedding planning in Bangalore?

YES. Our Event planning business is registered under service providing categary, GST bill is mandatory for all payment made via transfers. Some unskilled categary labourers cash accepted

Is Vayuputhra Wedding planner certified wedding planner?

Yes, Proof will be provided during Marriage agreement contract time.

Is wedding planning a full-time job?

Do you think all of sudden We come out and plan 450+ hours wedding planning work. No this is our core full time work as marriage planners in Bangalore. Get the additional Beauty spa and Saloon services

Are weddings the main events that you plan?

Yeah! of course New year party or any big functions we organise too. We work on seasonal basis.

How many weddings have you planned till 2024?

50+ Weddings we have already done successfully. Due to security reasons we dont share them here or on your phone. But you can check our works during contract.

How many weddings do you plan in a year?

Our target is upto 15 events annually and we achieve 80% of it easily.

What is the average size wedding you plan?

Upto 300 members is the planning ideal in Bangalore resorts or destinations .

Do you help to plan vision for your day?

This is the only day to make a great day, We ensure to plan all accordingly, Backup plan to fix failure issues too.

Can you help us stay within budget?

We will stickon to your wedding planning estimate and cost calculations. Any Extra work written approval needed for execution.

Does Vayuputhra have a team working with them? What are the team members’ qualifications?

We are group of 40 members with real marriage planning experience and works. Our Qualifications ranges from school dropout for unskilled work to Degree Holders for management.

Rehearsal dinner and post-wedding brunch?

Yes better idea to have the same and changes in plan

What is the back up plan for unexpected weather or illness of their team?

Weather forecast will be taken into consideration, Illness in team members, Backup people are ready to serve.

Have you planned any weddings at your venue?

In Bangalore almost all area or Venue we have done our Wedding planning Job.

Will your team head be present at all vendor meetings?

Yes Either the Head or the Manager will be present in Physical if needed for meeting with vendors

Do you handle contracts with our vendors?

Yes, Special case you have best caterer for your religion. We will work along to achieve Progress.

Do you have preferred vendors?

Yes Decor to Wedding entertainment, We have best choosen team. Worked with flower decoraters, wedding car hires, Over 20 plus marriage specialist catering contracters to suit your needs. We help you with venue hunting based on budget and available dates.

Event insurance ?

Either Guest or any is liable for faults made by us. We will fix it back immediete. Event Insurance is recommended package at additional than budget.

Can we pick vendors that have not worked with before?

No, Our vendor or piled up team currently present would be best based on availability

What challenges have they faced with weddings in the past and how did they deal with them?

Failures of machines and Team members, Break downs are common problems. We make sure to fix it back ASAP.

How many meetings do you need to have with the planner?

1st meet to show our Works, 2nd Meet for agreement, 3rd and 4th Meet for Planning and Execution.

How do they best communicate with you?

Written format estimate changes only.

How often does the wedding planner keep in touch with you?

24x7 during event Pre, During and Post function arrangements.

Will they create a timeline?

Yes on timeline is best for everyone. Tasks completed well in advance with proof recording and showcase.

How do Vayuputhra Wedding planner communicate the schedule to everyone involved?

Digital communication, We have 10 event co ordinator to work for single function.

What do they wear if present at your rehearsal, ceremony and/or reception?

We are part of the wedding family, Heritage wedding dress is worn. Theme weddings get the desired color.

What is included with their fee? Do they offer payment plans, accepting cash, check, credit card? What it their cancellation policy? What is the total cost and what is required for a deposit?

Will mention in detailed in your marriage contract agreement. Cancellation will surely cost you a tonn as we have to loose the date without working on it.

How to Locate Cheapest wedding planners in Bangalore City?

Vayuputhra Wedding Planners are Cheapest as we design vendor selections as per Clients needs from Low to High end

How are Vayuputhra best wedding planners ?

Our Uniqueness lies in our Vendors and 50 plus freelancers working for your Big day. Works very economical than your self works.

Can I self Plan low budget wedding planning works?

Surely self plan achievement with our Man power as freelancers for Catering, Vendor management, Decorations and so on

Can you desing destination wedding in and around Bangalore?

We are specialised in Resort and Destination planners in Farm-house, Resorts : Infact we suggest best places for your wedding based on our past works at venues.

What is royal wedding planners Cost in Bangalore?
Some guest do Prefer, Top Package as It will be tension free with top-notch service VIP criteria for Wedding day. Our Royal Wedding packages include Verified vendors for all works.

How do I check Bangalore wedding planners past works?

Before we start your work, We will showcase and draft plan, Changes accepted as per guest comforts.
Detailed breakup of wedding planner costing?

Every rupee accounting will be done for Planned day, Breakup of each payment to vendor is designed and Achieved.

Will Hiring budget wedding planners Bangalore work Fine?

Yes, Surely imagine a scenario wher you wanna hire Cars, Our vendor will send Cars at last minute too, Same thing with Catering. So all are verified and Know work vendor. Hiring us is a very very sensible task.

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