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Bouncer security for Wedding in Bangalore

We put up special security arrangements for events. We train personnel’s in ensuring security at the main gates, main doors, receptions, etc. We also train them in the activity of guest escorting. Special security arrangements are made for events held by corporate companies, schools & colleges, etc. We also provide well-trained professionals at events such as Weddings in Resorts, Destination weddings, flag hoisting events, musical shows, award nights, sports events, etc.

Any event that you organize is special to you and you would want it to be a smooth one. Though you could take the utmost care of the guests, food and their comfort, there is something above and beyond these comforts. We at Top security Services are talking about the security of your esteemed guests and this is more so if a company hosts these kinds of parties/events in Bangalore. Worry not, for we have event security services right here for you!

Any event conducted on a large scale would require the assistance of a security officer to keep the plan in order. Therefore, we provide you with event security guards, who are well-trained for their said job profile and whose conduct we vouch for. There are several companies in India that provide their clients with security services. Some are genuine while some aren’t. However, you as a client would not know the difference between fake and genuine unless you avail the services of the said company. We offer different services to you and our range of event services are listed below.

We provide special event security services in the form of security guards, bouncers, bodyguards, analysis and well-organized plans. Be it a large company hosting a big meeting or get-together or a corporate sector hosting an award function, we are available to serve you! We know that these events are held at places that are away from your known zone and therefore, it has its own requirements and challenges. We provide you with the best solutions for logistics and ideas on how the event could have the least challenges with the right amount of security at the right places within the premise. We also have a contingency plan which could be used in case something goes weird in the event. Our security guards are well-equipped for it and our special event security systems are in perfect condition to catch even a slight setback in the event.

In a big city like Greater Bangalore, Karnataka, there are many sections of people who organize private events. On these occasions too, security is a must. Now, these kinds of parties could be for a wedding, an anniversary, a fashion show or a private party.

Private parties attract a lot of attention and at the same time have a lot of risks attached to it. It grabs more attention if the parties are high profile and have well known public profiles as invitees. Whether they are high-profile or regular events, you would need a professional private event security service to ensure that all goes well.
The best feature of Top Security professionals is that they can either act as a part of the party group or they could stay in the background understated. It depends upon your requirements.

Top Security professionals are well-trained and would look after the safety of your guests, security of the premise, search the guests for safety and also assist your guests for various other tasks. We ask, why go in for trial-and-error when we guarantee the best for you? We are one of the well-known event security companies in Bangalore and our reviews talk a lot about our services.

GUN Man services

Our journey of security had its roots laid down. This marked the beginning of our time-honored status as a premium, holistic security services agency. We have always kept our faith in the creation of a team, which is both professional as well as etiquette oriented. This is why it has been our perpetual effort to transform all our security guards into security officials who become a force.

We pride ourselves in being a reliable security guard agency and provide services such as Industrial Security, Commercial Security, Hospital security, Event security and so on. Our ideas and value drive us to deliver exactly what we commit to our clients. This is mainly the reason why we have been able to maintain our position as the best security guard company over the years.

We have taken up the responsibility for the protection of any and every client who seeks our expertise. Believing in the saying ‘Security starts at home’, we take our work quite seriously and deliver what we commit. This has helped us become one of the highly recommended private security companies in Bangalore. Over the years since our inception, we have grown manifold across numerous verticals and have laid down the foundation of similar collaborations.

Bouncer Hiring Cost in Bangalore

10 Average Gym goers boys trained for Wedding security purpose team can be hired at 60,000/-
6 Professional bounces + Guard dog can be hired at 1.5lakh onwards
Ex army officers and service man + Professional bouncers tailored bounce hiring service at 3 lakhs above/-

Our Core Values Customer First:

We have a strong passion for customer service excellence.
Believes that security is not just about safety but also peace of mind
We take the time to listen to our customers understand their needs and work out the best suited solutions for them.


We conduct ourselves with absolute discipline in everything that we do, always.
We take full responsibility for our task and follow all the involved rules and procedures It's not about the structure or the system or the process or the infrastructure, it's about the people, always about the people trust, We keep pour promises.


Trust is the prerequisite for our success.
Top Security are transparent and honest.
Top minimize any surprises to our customers in business by being straightforward


Top Security always accept personal responsibility in achieving our desired objectives because each of one of us firmly believes that unless each one doesn't deliver his best, the end result for the organization wouldn’t t be the best.
Top encourages initiative and sees change as an opportunity to excel.
The entrepreneurial spirit of each individual is highly respected.


Partnership is the foundation of everything that we do. A work ethic that encourages every single employee to go the extra mile.
We provide opportunities, encouragement & rewards to help our employees reach their true potential.
We also consider our clientele as our partners in creating value. Their loyalty is our greatest recognition.

This is further underlined in our mission statement, which has four main elements:
We want to simplify the belief of our customers.
We make our customers, employees, and Supporters more successful in their future ventures.
We make a positive contribution to the World.
We always demonstrate respect when achieving our results.

We are successful when you are:
We strongly believe that pursuing all of these goals is in our interest and the interest of all of our stakeholders: customers, employees and the planet as a whole.
We add value to people’s interaction with us, whether with excellent services or products, by engaging our employees and nurturing their talents, and, we show concern for our world and our communities with our various corporate responsibility programs under the motto of Secure Everyone Secure Everywhere.
Our Values Truth, transparency, and trust are the three main pillars of the company. With a strong commitment to ethical marketing and solid actions to fulfill this commitment, we can rise above their perceived limitations, thereby creating an honest, successful Team in our organisation.

Quality Policy Vayuputhra Group is committed to achieving excellence in quality standards in every operation and shall create an environment where each employee is working with a quality-centric approach. It shall strive for continuous improvement to meet customer satisfaction.

Since its establishment, Vayuputhra Group has maintained the highest standards of quality adhering to the self-enunciated. Since its inception, certified company. We adjust and adapt to the changing needs of our customers and remain dedicated in our efforts to serve them to the best of our ability.

Frequently Asked Questions – Bouncer security for Wedding Functions in Bangalore

What is the main duty of an armed security officer ? Does he protect me in case of emergency ?

An Armed Security Officer is trained and has extensive experience of handling unwarranted situations. We also provide ex-servicemen as security officers , these ex-men have the best possible knowledge and temperament to provide security cover when one is vulnerable. The reasons for protection should be justifiable and provable in any situation. In severe threats the system understands the reasoning offered for emergency measures taken by the armed security officer.

What is the duty of a hired bouncer for duty anywhere in India for a customized period ?

Bouncers are mostly hired for nightclubs, marriages, events, celebrity security, personal security and protection. Bouncers most important duty is to maintain order and calm throughout the period of the duty. Bouncers for special protection are responsibile only to be around and protect one particulat person as directed – it could be a celebrity, VVIP etc.

Bouncers manage and provide cover to the important guests. Bouncers hired in cities have good experience and are well dressed. The quality of bouncers in Bangalore is improving and reaching to match International Standards. Bouncers hired can be asked to reach the start destination and can be easily be asked to be available around town. Big cities such as Bangalore have good bouncers who have excellent skills. These new age city bouncers are known for management of all situations.

How can I know that bouncers have the requisite experience and I am getting my value for money if hired?
Bouncers hired from us have more than 5 years of on the job experience, these bouncers are seasoned and very mature security officers that have been with the company through thick and thin. We know everything about the men we provide for security, We have understanding of how to operate and how to work with these men. Bouncers are all tall, well built and are the best known bouncers in the industry. These bouncers have been handpicked and filtered through there on the job work results to reach this level of professionalism and quality.

Vayuputhra bouncer service is a known security agency providing bouncer security, bodyguard security around Bangalore.We have complete backing and will be giving work quality with guaranteed results.

Can a bodyguard / security officer or an armed gunmen use lethal force to protect me in case of a emergency ?
In such extreme cases, in provable terms of danger, such measures of protection by the security officer, bodyguards hired for protection are considered valid and legal in most cases. The bodyguard is trained ex-servicemen with a clena record will only utilize his licensed arms in case of a severe threat or emergency and circumstances that can easily be justified to the legal officer.

How can I understand my privacy in case I hire a bodyguard or bouncer ?
We take responsibility with absolute certainty of complete confidentiality in all cases for our clients. We as a company also do not encourage receipt of any information, details etc of the client and his work. This is guaranteed. We only provide legal trustworthy security services all over India.

Can anyone hire a bodyguard in India?
Bodyguards can be hired by anyone who requires security, is feeling threatened or just looking at peace of mind for daily unwanted attention. People are hiring bodyguards not just for protection but for general administration and management as well. The discipline and work ethics of a bodyguard provide him with many useful skills that employers are looking at and are ready to invest into. Bodyguards can be better handlers of negotiations and crowds than any other team of people. One can hire a bodyguard for hospital management of elderly, house relocation, child protection, staff management and various other tasks.

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