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Weddings in Bangalore are a awesome time. The convergence of two families and cultures, and the celebration of a lifetime! A dreamy destination wedding, beach wedding, or a traditional wedding, whatever is your pick the one thing that connects the guests is the 'delicious food'. The guests can forget, the lighting, and the entertainment, but will rarely get the food served at a wedding.

Get the best wedding caterers in Bangalore, Vayuputhra Catering and make your wedding festivities all the more enjoyable. With our special catering, special displays and live stations, and wide range of cuisine, you are spoilt for choice. Professional caterer that specializes in personalized service for the weddings. Our team has the experience in this field which will help you to enjoy a smooth planning process for your celebration, and giving you the possibilities to enjoy the moment. The combination of fresh ingredients, reliable and pure spices, and years of experience of our chefs will make your wedding a golden memory. You can rely upon our expertise.

We are equipped with a dedicated team of professionals who are capable to carry out all wedding catering responsibilities with accomplishment. Till date, we have served on hundreds of clients and it's our commitment and preservance that Vayuputhra caterers is a unique brand name. Top class service, well groomed staff with fine etiquettes, wide variety of regional and international cuisines to choose from, customizable menu, prompt service and delivery are some of the strengths. Vayuputhra catering is constantly striving to stay at top-tier, top-notch full-service caterers. Whether your event is indoor or outdoor, we are well versed in preparing delicious food and delivering stellar service using all kinds of venues and equipment.

In the context of this current social scenario in Bangalore, it is not surprising that the demand for top Quality Function Organizers is witnessing an ever increasing trend at present. More and more families are opting for professionals to take care of their special functions. And when it comes down to choosing the most professionally managed Wedding Caterers Organizers, there are not many who can stand in the same league.

Vayuputhra Wedding Caterers enjoy the rare distinction of being an all in one organizer for all types of functions that our clients could think of hosting. Be it Birthdays, weddings, get-togethers, old friends re-unions, wedding anniversaries, kitty parties, engagements, mehndi, New year parties, family outings, seminars, conferences, annual sales meets, company functions, or any other type of function that any of our client may think of hosting, we can easily manage all aspects of these functions from their beginning till the very end.
The Freedom Of Choosing The Best
When you select Best marriage Caterers to organize your special functions, you can be sure of laying your hands on the best available resources for the evening. the best of food, the best of services, the best of decoration, the best of attention to every detail, and every other arrangement you have ordered for the special occasion.

Assurance Of The Finest Quality for big functions
If we dare to call ourselves Best wedding Caterers in Bangalore, we also strive to make sure that all our clients are treated like a royalty, and they get that imperial taste in all the aspect of our catering services. We are able to achieve Such high standards by strictly adhering to the motto of zero compromise on quality in every single process.

Utmost Consideration To Finer Points
We at Vayuputhra Marriage Caterers always believe in doing as our client would ask us to do. We always take a larger perspective of things while implementing the list of things to be done during a function. But this doesn't mean that we miss the smaller details in handling a large function. Every Aspect of the event is looked at both subjectively and objectively before giving the go ahead pass for the function.

Specialized Work-Force
The work-force at our disposal too is a fine mix of experience and youth to strike the right balance between workers with different job skills. We have well-trained waiters with polite mannerisms to serve the guests with ambience. We also have professional Chefs to serve a variety of cuisines according to the preference of our clients.

Longest service Tradition
And above all, we Carry the weight of a long standing tradition of service which our past clients have come to know us for in the market. And every time we take up a catering assignment from new clients, we strive even harder to live up to the trust and confidence of hosting their functions in the most memorable way.

Wedding Catering cost per Plate in Bangalore

No body can answe this tricky question of, "How much does catering cost in Bangalore?"

From a budgetary standpoint, everyone seems to define “catering budget” differently. Different caterers tend to include different services, equipment, and “catering items” from their competitors, which can make budget.

We, at Vayuputhra Marriage Catering, tend to include the following items in our “Agreement”. However, we can modify items as needed based on the client’s needs.

1. Service Staff - our “service staff” always includes two hours of event set up and one hour of clean up. Our typical server ratio is as follows:
Buffet Style Dinner: 1 server per 30 guests

Family Style Dinner: 1 server per 15 guests

Plated Meal: 1 Server per 12 guests

Service Cost - can range upto 500/guest for an intricate plated meal.

2. A lot of our weddings choose to have appetizers for cocktail hour. “Cocktail hour” can be anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour for most events. This is typically right after the ceremony when the couple is taking photos.

3. Dinner Menu - The dinner menu is typically the highest portion of the catering bill, and therefore, is the place where you can make the most adjustments to ensure that you stay within budget. The number of offerings varies slightly depending on service style. Our recommended number of selections is Buffet Style Meal, Family Style Mea and Plated Mea

- Single Plated Meal: Every guest is served the same meal (or every type of guest is served the same meal), i.e. Adults get the “adult meal”, kids get the “kids meal. Guests do not have to RSVP with this option.

- Guest Selected Meal: Guests get 2-3 options to select from and must select their meal when they RSVP to the event.

Menu Cost - Can range from 150/guest and up depending on food selections. Most dinner menus range between 150-800/guest.

4. Table Linens - Most caterers do not include table cloths (or table linens) in their quotes. A lot of people will either assume these are included, when they’re not, or they will include this in their rental budget. We typically include these in our quotes. We only offer floor length linens. We also will handle putting the linens on the table for you and removing them after the event.

5. Plateware - This is another item that a lot of caterers will not include in their pricing. Plateware pricing can vary widely depending on type of plateware. Below are some ballpark prices of what our items cost. However, we always allow the client the option to provide their own plateware should they choose.
Plateware Pricing depends on

Clear Plastic Disposable Plate Ware - dinner plate, silver plastic fork/knife, disposable napkin

Compostable Bamboo Plate Ware - Plate, fork/knife, napkin

China Ware - Dinner Plate, Silver Fork/Knife, Water Goblet, Cloth Napkin

6. Delivery - Delivery is a flat fee based upon the size of truck we need to haul all items to your event, along with the distance of your event from our Kitchen setup. For standard events we bring our staff and truck to event place and do the work.

7. Equipment - This encompasses all of the items that we need to properly prep, store, and serve your food on-site per health code. Most clients assume that the venues provide all of the caterer’s needs, and this is rarely true. Most venues provide the caterer with a small “prep kitchen” that only includes a couple of tables and sometimes running water. For most events, we have to bring “everything but the kitchen sink” and sometimes even the kitchen sink ( We often bring in water for our events!)
This fee varies from event to event depending on guest count, venue prep space, and access to necessary equipment.

8. Facility Fee - What is the “facility fee” or catering surcharge”? Most venues in Bangalore require their caterer(s) to charge a percentage of the food and bar bill back to the client. This percentage is itemized on your contract with the caterer and paid to the caterer. However, this amount goes back to the venue in full. Most facility fees range from 10-18% on food and beverage items. Any applicable facilities fees will be listed in your venue contract, as well.

FAQ : Wedding caterers in Bangalore | Marriage Function caterers in Bangalore

What will be the Catering Budget Calculation in Bangalore?

Depends on so many factors like invited and actual guest attendance, Snack and high tea, Reception dinner, After Muhurath Lunch. Also busy dates and unseasonal dates. Your Cost per plate depends on so many factors. We will tailor and calculate for each function. Booking prior 15 days will provide us an oppurtunities with best service and zero defect.

Is Catering for destination weddings preffered by venue or you, best service provider?

From our 10 years experience, We have been doing average 80 plus functions every year. Comparison in terms of Catering service is difficult. Venue person may be cheap and demanding. But outside caterer should be your choice as he can make miracles for you

Do you offer Catering for marriages in Kalyana Mantapa?

Handling family type catering service is best you can have in Marriage halls in Bangalore. We are well equipped with staffs and system to provide best catering service.

What is the Pax Capacity for Catering in Bangalore?

Just in Case you have only 50 members coming to your function or 10, 000 pax. We are ready to serve you. Only Bangalore region our service. What Styles of Catering in Can we expect you to do?

Typical North Indian, Chinese Cuisine, South Indian authentic food, Biryanis, Snacks or any particular religion based catering like Marwari, Bengali, Gujarathi, Madras style cooking done.
Do we get bonus or Addons your Catering Service?

Best service is the addon, Guest Management is we are good at, We bring perfection in Job each time and every event we do.
What do you do with Left away food and Ingredients after wedding?

How ever damm rich you are, Please estimate and allow us to cook only the needed food. Just in case of excess we will distribute it all among the needy ones.
Whats your experience in Handling Emergency increase in PAX?

Trained staff for Catering we are, We are able to handle any numbers as per cooking is concered. Little time we can add miracles in catering.
What is your Past experience in Catering?

We are Wedding caterers in Bangalore, We will show all our works during full discussions.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions and special requests?

We have fabulous chefs that can not only accommodate a variety of food types and service styles, but they are also experts in making sure all guests have food they are comfortable with eating. Almost all of our events have a small group of guests that need to be catered a little more than the rest. We can easily accommodate food allergies and dietary restrictions. Just let your Event Coordinator know about any questions/concerns you may have and we’ll make sure each guest is taken care of.

What is required to book the date with you? What is your deposit?

In order to reserve a date with us, we require a 50% deposit on the catering, bar, and rental bill (if applicable), along with a signed copy of the contract.

Do you take multiple events in a day?

No, we dont. The number of events we take is dependent on size, location of the events. We will never take more events than we feel comfortable handling. Each client’s event is as important to us as our own family events are. We truly strive to make each client feel special and well taken care of throughout their event.

What is your setup and clean up timeline for the day of the event? What do you set up and clean up?

For catering and bar events, our staff shows up two hours prior to handle all catering and bar related set up. That typically includes:

Placing table cloths on all tables
Placing place settings at each table
Setting up buffets and bars
Ensure all applicable items are complete and cleaned up before guests arrive
Remove Trash
Remove table cloths from tables
Clean up major food and drinks spills
Break Down Buffet/Dispose of leftover food
Clean/sweep/mop food prep areas at end of event
Where do you get your service staff? What do they wear?

All of our servers and bartenders are employed by our Vendors and Sister Companies. What that means is that we recruit, hire, and train all of our event staffing. We have a fantastic and well-trained team!

All our service staff wears fitted black dress pants, long-sleeve button down black shirts, burnt orange tie and black service shoes.

Can I rent tables, chairs, tents, tablecloths, etc. through you?

Absolutely no, Please get in touch with your venue closest tent house supply chain, Your Veue Manager can help you with this.

Do you do tastings? Is there a fee for the tasting?

Absolutely! Unlike some of our competitors, we do private tastings that are by appointment only. Why ask This is to ensure that you get to try exactly what you will have on your special day and it gives us some more one-on-one time with you to make sure we can discuss any tweaks or adjustments you would like to make. We want to make sure that everything is perfect for you.

We do charge plate per person (on average) for a tasting. Tastings fees will vary depending upon what type of food you have selected for your menu. This fee covers a small portion of the cost necessary for our chef to be dedicated to your tasting, along with the food items themselves. Most tastings last 1-1.5 hours to ensure that we have the proper time to confirm all necessary details.

What do we get to try at the tasting?

At a normal tasting, we will allow clients to try up to four entrees, four sides. We only taste clients on salad and bread by request. We also do not taste clients on simple items such as fruit/vegetable/cheese displays, or other similar items.

What is your cancellation policy?

All of our deposits are non-refundable. All of our cancellation policies are clearly outlined in our contracts that you will get to review before ever booking a date with us. Depending upon how far out you cancel your event before the date, a sliding scale of fees will be assessed.

What happens if we need to reschedule our date?

We always do our best to work with clients who need to change their event date, whatever the reason may be. All deposits and payments that are made always transfer to the new date. However, we cannot guarantee that the original contract will remain the same. We address each date change on a case-by-case scenario to make sure that everyone is well taken care of!

What is your policy regarding COVID-19 changes?

We know this is an ever-evolving situation and we are very sensitive to our clients’ concerns and needs during this trying time. Our goal is to always make wedding planning as stress free as possible, so we are working with all brides who are interested in moving their date to find the best possible solution for them. As stated above, all deposits and payments are moved to any new dates. At this time, we are having each rescheduled bride sign a contract addendum with terms that are relevant to their date change.

What happens after we book?

After we receive your signed contract and deposit (and assuming you have already completed your tasting) you will not hear much from us until approximately one week prior to your event. Around week before the event, your Project Manager will reach out to schedule your Final Details Meeting. Your final details meeting typically occurs about 2 weeks before your event and this is where we ask you to make all final decisions, with the exception of your final count. We will ask for final decisions on things such as:

Final timeline of Event
Final Vendor List in case if any
Final selections on table linens and cloth napkin colors
Final menu revisions
Final floor plan of event (pending any final changes based on guest count)

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